Hand made pipes from central North Carolina

I started making pipes like I started most of my hobbies - completely on a whim and with no idea what I was doing.

My first pipes were made with a Dremel tool using pre drilled blocks of briar from Vermont Freehand. They weren't much to look at but the friends I gave them to enjoyed them.

I currently use a combination of belt sanders and a spindle sander for rough shaping the stummel. Final shaping is done by hand with 60 grit sandpaper, a variety of hand files and, yes, a Dremel tool. The pipes are then sanded to 10,000 grit and stained using Fiebing's Leather Dye. After that, I hit them with a buffing wheel using a progression of Tripoli Red, White Diamond, and Carnauba Wax.

Two of the most useful resources I've found are the Pipemaking subreddit and Pipemaker's Forum. Additionally, Pipedia is a great source for general pipe knowledge.

If this is your first time smoking a pipe, I have prepared a short guide for the new smoker. For more detailed information, check out A Pipeman's Handbook.

I occasionally have pipes available for purchase. I accept payment via PayPal. Just select the pipe number from the drop down menu and hit send. I ship priority mail, flat rate box.

Sorry, I don't have any pipes available right now. Please check back later!

Pipe 01

Pipe 02

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